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Uninterruptible Power Supply2000VA Online UPS

The ultimate power solution for uninterrupted performance. With advanced technology and robust design, this UPS ensures your critical systems remain powered and protected, even during the most challenging situations.

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The FeaturesYou Need.

This 2U rack-mounted UPS provides reliable power for your critical systems with 8 total outlets, including 4 always on & 4 programmable outlets, ensuring uninterrupted operation during power outages. Its double conversion online design eliminates relay transitions between AC mains and battery power, preventing short-term power loss errors.

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Total Outlets 4 Always On + 4 Programmable

With 8 total outlets, including 4 always on & 4 programmable, our double conversion UPS ensures continuous power delivery without relay transitions, saving sensitive electronics from short-term power loss errors. Enjoy pure sinewave power for optimal performance.

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Rack Mount ReadyMounting Option

All hardware is included for convenient rack mounting of this device, for a professional look.

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Mounting Made Easy

Big Dog Power products were designed with ease of use in mind. This 4+4 2000VA Online UPS includes the hardware you need for convenient rack mounting.

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Tech Specs

Innovative design features a 2U rack-mounted 2000VA Online UPS with 8 outlets, 4 battery powered, ensuring seamless power during outages.

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Uninterruptible Power Supply

Reliable power backup for uninterrupted operation of critical devices, ensuring continuous performance during power outages.

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Four 12-volt 9 Amp Hour batteries

Four 12V 9Ah batteries provide extended backup power for critical equipment during outages.

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Connected equipment guarantee

We stand behind our products. All Big Dog Power products are backed with our Connected Equipment Limited Warranty.

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Configurable Voltage & Frequency Output

Ensures optimal performance and protection by allowing precise adjustment of voltage and frequency settings.

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Online UPS Power

Provides continuous, clean power with no switching delay, protecting sensitive equipment during outages.

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Works Seamlessly With Industry-LeadingSmart Home Technologies

Our complete line of Big Dog Power products and the MAVbase app are compatible with the most popular Home Theater equipment and electronics on the market.

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Austin NoonanInfinity Home Technologies

Big Dog Power’s Field replaceable surge modules and remote monitoring is a game-changer. This will help give our clients the best service possible with virtually no risk of downtime from a Surge-related Event.

Cagney LaffertyVintage Security

Big Dog Power is a solid piece of networking equipment that can protect your network on multiple levels. The fact that you’re not losing a device, instead you are replacing a surge module when a surge happens is awesome. The option of WiFi and a hardwired connection are necessary for many take over or retrofit applications.

Bill HuffmanSkywalker AV Supply

I personally tested the new Big Dog Power Products from Metra AV. The products were built well and performed as expected plus the app was easy to use. My favorite feature and what really sets this product apart from the competition, was the replaceable surge protection modules. Big Dog Power will simplify installations and add value to our installers business.

Sean FitzpatrickDOW Technologies

The removable surge module is a game changing element. Also, the feature that allows the system to ping my router and modem to ensure I have a steady internet connection saves truck rolls and fixes customers problems before they even realized they had one.