• Simple installation and setup via (Big Dog Power) app
  • Individual outlet control compared to banks of outlets. This one is huge to me because I want to control each outlet and time sequence them on.
  • You can control each outlet to “self heal”. I programmed my Modem to ping Google.com every hour. If it cannot reach out to Google, it will automatically reset my router.
  • Higher surge protection than competitor, see chart below
  • Replaceable surge protection modules. Surge protectors weaken with every single surge. So, after a couple years of surges, the competitor’s product is useless and will need to be completely swapped out. Big Dog allows you to install new surge protection modules. The app will even tell you the health of the surge module. THIS IS HUGE!
  • The 13+1 PR-R13PI has thermistors. You can install these thermistors on equipment that generate a lot of heat. If that piece of equipment exceeds a certain temperature that you set, it will turn off power to the piece of equipment. The competitor does not have this.
  • The 6+1 PR-V7PI should be the most important SKU in the Big Dog mix. It is incredibly thin, has a replaceable Surge Module and can be mounted vertically in a rack.
Front Image of Big Dog's PR-V7PI

How does Big Dog compare to the competitor’s platform?

Big Dog PowerCompetitorDifferences
PR-R13PICompetitor 12 Outlet PDUBDP:
– Navigable LCD screen for local control
– Replaceable Surge Modules
– 5100 Joule (vs 6480J WB but the new one only has 3240J)
– 4x Thermistors for Temp Tracking
– I/O: Relay out and Sensor in
– 5 Year warranty (vs 3 Year WB)
PR-V7PICompetitor 6 Outlet PDUBDP:
– 7th always on Loop Out outlet
– Replaceable Surge Module
– 2040 Joule (vs 1080J WB)
– Ability to use Rack rails to mount vertically
– 5 year warranty (vs 3 Year WB)
PR-W3PiCompetitor 3 Outlet PDUBDP:
– 2380 Joule (vs. 2160 Joule) Surge
– 3 way protection: Load – Neutral – Ground
– 6ft power cord
PR-S1PICompetitor 2 Outlet PDUBDP:
– 1 outlet vs. 2 outlets controlled as a single bank
– 360* rotation
– Plug style vs. surface mount
PR-RMS1 + PR-RMS2N/ANo one else has this!